The 7 Best Garden Tool Tote Bag – Reviews & Buying Guide 2023

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Maintaining and keeping a garden healthy what requires most is a substantial amount of time and energy. Sowing the seeds, uprooting parasites or grasses, watering them, and taking care of the whole garden are worth a great reward. Different types of flowers, sweet fragrances, and above all, the aesthetic beauty of the garden change the appearance of your home completely. And all of this is possible if you are well-equipped. A garden tool tote bag along with all the tools you need should be around you.

A garden tool tote bag is a must-have tool if you want to make your garden more beautiful than ever. We are going to help you find a tool tote bag for your tool storage needs.

The Best Garden Tool Tote Bag Reviews

1. WORKPRO Garden Tool Bag

WORKPRO best Garden Tool tote Bag

Why WORKPRO Garden Tool Bag?

There are many reasons to choose your garden tote bag. It will help you on many sides. This tool tote bag must be a home organizer for indoor and outdoor gardening.

Quality – this best garden tool tote bag is made of high-quality (600D Oxford) cloth lining with soft materials that undoubtedly ensure softness and durability.

Huge Capacity – the interior size (H x B x L – 12”x 12” x 6”) provides enough space for keeping tools. Well, if you need to expand more to keep extra tools, the external pockets and the elastic cord will help you do that.

Adequate Pockets – pockets of a garden tool bag matter a lot. As you will use this tote bag for gardening, you might have to carry a lot of tools related to it. This tote gardening bag is designed with 6 front pockets and 2 side pockets. These outside pockets are very handy and helpful to reach instantly. Besides, pockets are deep enough (8 inches or so) to keep the tools safe.

Ergonomic Strap Handle – this WORKPRO Garden Tool Bag has an anti-slip strap handle that is so comfortable and soft. It also reduces fatigue when carrying the bag.

Reinforced Bottom – the bottom of this WORKPRO Garden tote bag is beautifully reinforced with a PE board. That’s why the bag is able to stand straight by itself.

  • Made of high quality materials
  • Large capacity
  • Adequate pockets to carry tools
  • Ergonomic strap handle
  • Reinforced bottom
  • The pockets should be deeper

The design, color, and construction of this bag are, above all, okay. You can choose it without any hesitation.

WORKPRO Garden Tool Bag, Garden Tote Storage Bag with 8...
1,893 Reviews
WORKPRO Garden Tool Bag, Garden Tote Storage Bag with 8...
  • ✅DURABLE MATERIAL- Made of high quality 600D Oxford cloth lining with soft...
  • ✅ LARGE CAPACITY- Interior size of 12''x 12'' x 6'' provides enough space for...

2. Martha Stewart Heavy-Duty Canvas Bag

Martha Stewart Heavy-Duty Canvas Bag


  • Brand:                      Martha Stewart
  • Material:                  Canvas, Cotton
  • Color:                       Original version
  • Item Dimensions:    L x W x H – 12.6 x 7.48 x 4.33 inches

The Martha Stewart Heavy-Duty Canvas Bag is the best tool tote bag for your gardening tools. Design and storage are the main attraction of this tool-keeping bag.

The Martha Stewart has 6 exterior pockets and 11 interior pockets. These pockets are deep enough to hold your tools in them.

In addition, this bag has a comfortable shoulder strap to carry the tool bag comfortably. Besides, a strap plus stretch cord fasteners are used to hold tools so that it doesn’t fall down.

Moreover, Martha’s Canvas Bag is super easy to clean. You can clean it with a soft bristle brush or with mild detergent and a washcloth if it gets dirty.

In addition, the Martha Stewart Canvas Bag is expertly stitched of premium quality. The heavyweight cotton canvas is ultra-durable and truly spacious that can safely carry different types of essential tools in its pockets.

Wondering- what kind of tools you can carry? Don’t worry, this gardening bag with tools can hold from trowels to triangle hoes, to pruning saws and shears, gloves, and many others.

Apart from this, the reinforced carrying handles and a sturdy shoulder strap help you carry for a long time so that you don’t get exhausted and bothered.

  • Premium-quality and heavyweight cotton canvas
  • A total of 13 pockets
  • Expertly stitched
  • Reinforced carrying handles
  • A sturdy shoulder strap
  • The tote tends to be moldy

The Martha Stewart Heavy-Duty Canvas Bag is really great for all your gardening tools to hold in it. Due to the universal design, you can use it for various purposes as well. This tote tool gardening bag is the right size to tote around the yard, garage, or garden.

Martha Stewart Heavy-Duty Canvas Garden Bag with 6-Inch...
320 Reviews
Martha Stewart Heavy-Duty Canvas Garden Bag with 6-Inch...
  • [GREAT]: For carrying small to medium-sized essential garden tools and...
  • [POCKETS]: 6-Inch exterior pockets and 11-Inch interior pockets

3. CLC Custom Leathercraft 4122 In & Out Bucket

CLC Custom Leathercraft 4122 In & Out Bucket


  • Material:                    Fabric
  • Color:                         Black/Yellow
  • Item Dimensions:      LxWxH 4 x 8 x 13 inches
  • Item Weight:             0.76 Pounds
  • Brand:                        Custom Leathercraft

If you are searching for an amazing gardening tote bag, I suppose you are at the right place. Believe it or not, CLC Custom Leathercraft 4122 may be the best tool tote bag for gardening. All the gardening hand tools can fit in it.

You will have some strong reasons to choose this CLC Custom Leathercraft over other tote bag. Let’s dig deeper.

First of all, CLC Custom Leathercraft 4122 In & Out Bucket is a heavy-duty in and out bucket which is constructed with ballistic polyester for added durability.

Next, speaking of storage, you will be amazed that this awesome tote bag has a total of 61 pockets to keep your tools. Amongst those pockets, 36 triple rows are outside pockets, 25 double rows are inside pockets. These pockets are to organize a wide range of tools and accessories.

In addition, you can hold some power tools like a drill, or heat gun, or sander in the holder with a side release buckle security strap.

However, this Custom Leathercraft in & out bucket is thoughtfully designed so that most standard 3.5 to 5-gallon buckets can fit in it.

Apart from this, this garden tools bag for ladies is made of an extra layer of fabric. It reinforces the rim of the bucket pockets and bar tacked at all stress points. And this is how this garden tool storage bag is highly durable and comfortable to wear.

  • Constructed with quality canvas (ballistic polyester)
  • An extra layer of fabric to reinforce
  • A total of 61 pockets
  • Adequate storage
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Fit most standard 3.5 to 5-gallon buckets
  • Handy and comfortable
  • Some pockets seem very small

CLC Custom Leathercraft 4122 In & Out Bucket with 61 Pockets despite some criticism is becoming popular with the users. It will fulfill your desire to keep all your necessary tools on your shoulder at a time. This gardening tote bag is worth a shot. Highly recommended.

CLC Custom Leathercraft 4122 In & Out Bucket, 61 Pocket,...
2,049 Reviews
CLC Custom Leathercraft 4122 In & Out Bucket, 61 Pocket,...
  • HEAVY DUTY IN & OUT BUCKET: This CLC in & out bucket is made of ballistic...
  • 61 POCKET IN & OUT BUCKET: 36 triple row outside pockets, 25 double row inside...

4. MORDEN MS Garden Tool Bag

MORDEN MS Garden Tool Bag

To keep your garden healthy, one needs to take care of it very carefully. For this reason, you require some tools. And to keep the tools organized a nice and well-designed tote bag is necessary. In this case, we highly recommend this MORDEN MS Garden Tool Bag.

Now, the question is why should you choose this one, right? Well, there are some strong reasons to pick this.

First of all, the MORDEN MS Garden Tool Bag is made of waterproof polyester 100%. This ensures water resistance.

Besides, this is a large-capacity garden organizer tote bag. The size being 12″x6.4″x12″, it can hold a maximum capacity of up to 3.9 gallons. With 8 pockets on the side of the bag, this tote tool bag for gardening has enough compartments and space for all the hand tools.

In addition, you can call this bag a firm garden tote. Because this tote is durable and lightweight, and easy to wash and clean.

Moreover, the MORDEN MS Garden Tool Bag is a multifunctional professional organizer for gardening tools. This tote tool bag can store a variety of gardening tools for planting, trimming, transplanting, removing stubborn weeds, and so on.

Additionally, this tote bag is very easy to use. Just organize your tools in it and you are a go.

Apart from this, this Gardening Storage Tote for women has a worry-free 30-day warranty & no-hassle money-back guarantee, and 24-hour friendly customer service.

  • Made of high quality waterproof polyester
  • Multifunctional and professional organizer
  • Easy to use, wash, and clean
  • Durable, lightweight, and comfortable
  • Large capacity garden organizer tote bag
  • Worry-free 30-day warranty
  • Doesn’t stand straight

This is an ideal gardening tote with pocket handles. MORDEN MS Garden Tool Bag can be used as a basket for picking & storage. And yes, it is also a nice picnic tote. Worth buying. Highly recommended.

Garden Tool Bag, Gardening Tote With Pockets Canvas...
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Garden Tool Bag, Gardening Tote With Pockets Canvas...
  • 【Large Capacity Garden Organizer Tote Bag】-With size 12"x6.4"x12", Maximum...
  • 【Firmly Garden Tote】-Double-Handled Tote Bag is made of waterproof polyeste...

5. Scuddles Gardening Kit with Storage Organizer

Scuddles Gardening Kit with Storage Organizer


  • Material:                 Wood
  • Color:                       Light Green
  • Brand:                      Scuddles
  • Item Dimensions:     L x W x H – 4 x 4 x 4 inches
  • Item Weight:           0.07 Pounds
  • Grip Type:               Ergonomic
  • Style:                        Kit

Scuddles Gardening Kit with Storage Organizer is a new and improved garden tool set. It is a heavy-duty tool bag for the gardener.

The Scuddles Storage Organizer is constructed with high-quality materials. It becomes an effective tool for anyone. This garden tool storage kit can be cleaned either by hand wash or machine low dry.

In addition, this is a double gauge cotton garden tool bag tote. However, the improved women’s tool kit is easy to use. Very durable due to its rip-stop construction.

Moreover, it is a heavy-duty tool carrier. This hand-carry polyester organizer tote tool bag can be taken anywhere you wish. Just pack the tools and keep them organized. The pockets are to organize your tools.

Apart from this, the exterior pockets are deep enough to keep your long-handle tools too. The two layers of outside pockets help you to take all your necessary tools at a time. The center and main chamber are big enough to carry a big tool even sometimes a power tool such as a drill or sander tool.

Well, what can you carry in this bag? You can pack a gardening shovel, mini rake, trowel, cultivator, hand weeder, transplanting spade, heavy-duty hand gloves, and many more.

Additionally, this garden hand tool bag has a soft and comfortable handle. That’s why you won’t feel bothering even if you carry this bag on your shoulder for a long time.

  • High-quality tool bag
  • Exterior and interior organizer
  • Double gauge cotton garden tool bag tote
  • Heavy-duty carrier
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Ergonomic and universal design
  • Easily washable
  • Some users have bitter experiences with its quality

Scuddles Gardening Kit with Storage Organizer consists of a few tools in which the tote bag is one of them. The tote gardening tool bag is good enough to carry the tool kit with the package. You can add other tools as well. Worth a shot.

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Gardening Tools for Women Stainless Steel Gardening Tools -...

6. Picnic at Ascot garden tool tote bag

Picnic at Ascot garden tool tote bag

When you are looking for the best garden tool tote bag, it comes to mind Picnic at Ascot first. There are a lot of reasons to believe that. Let’s see some features of this tote gardening bag.

First of all, this gardener tote is made of high-quality materials. It is constructed with durable 600 denier canvas with rolled handles. Besides, this garden tool organizer bag has a rigid base which is certainly great for carrying hand tools.

In addition, Picnic at Ascot tote bag can store a lot of tools inside and outside it. Seeds, gardening gloves, spray bottles, trowels, Fiskars, shears, cutters, and a lot more. If you want to take more other tools, you can store them in it as well.

Moreover, the garden tool carrier is an eco-friendly tote bag. Unlike other backpacks, Picnic at Ascot gardening bag is fully disposable because it is made of canvas. No non-disposable elements have been used in this bag.

Additionally, Picnic at Ascot tote bag has multi-pockets which allows for storing plenty of tools in it. The main chamber can store a bigger tool if you need it. The measurement of the tote bag is 13.5″ wide x 6.75″ deep x 12″ high.

Apart from this, the Picnic at Ascot garden tool tote bag has a lifetime warranty from PICNIC at ASCOT USA.

  • Constructed with durable 600D Poly canvas
  • Attractive and high-quality
  • Multi-pockets
  • Includes 3 stainless steel hand tools with soft handles
  • Rigid base
  • Designed and assembled in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty
  • No mentionable issues yet

This garden tool bag is also a great idea for giving a gift to someone who likes gardening or this kind of work. You can use this Picnic at Ascot tote bag for a housewarming, engagement party, wedding party, anniversary, retirement, or any other gift.

Picnic at Ascot 341-F USA 3 Stainless Steel Tools-Designed &...
56 Reviews
Picnic at Ascot 341-F USA 3 Stainless Steel Tools-Designed &...
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY from PICNIC at ASCOT USA - Designers and Manufacturers for...
  • HIGH QUALITY multi-pocket garden tote with three heavy gauge stainless steel...

7. Burpee Premium Waxed Canvas Garden Tool Tote

Burpee Premium Waxed Canvas Garden Tool Tote

First of all, Burpee Premium Waxed Canvas is one of the best gardening tote bag for both males and females. Everyone can use it perfectly as it is very easy to use.

Then, this canvas gardening bag has optimal size. Being a height of 12 inches and width of 14.5 inches, Burpee Premium Waxed Canvas Garden Tool Tote is ready for any garden.

In addition, being spacious, this tote bag has 8 exterior tool-keeping pockets. To be precise, large 8-inch deep exterior pockets with tool support bands are able to keep the tools neatly organized and easily accessible.

Moreover, in order to carry plenty of tools in this bag, the shoulder strap must be soft, long, and comfortable. For this reason, the Burpee Premium Waxed Canvas has soft cotton twill handles than let your shoulder rest comfortably.

Apart from this, Burpee Premium has another special feature which is a magnetic snap closure. It helps to close the main compartment in an easier way.

Additionally, the interior compartment is fully lined with dirt-relief eyelets at the bottom. Besides, it has a key holder clasp along the top.

  • Premium waxed canvas garden tool tote bag
  • Optimal size
  • Interior and exterior pockets
  • Soft cotton twill handles
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Magnetic snap closure
  • Synthetic leather bottom
  • Some users claim it as poor quality

The Burpee Premium Waxed Canvas Garden Tool Tote is a great backpack compared to its price. At this small price, you got this quality tote bag which is really admirable. We think this Waxed Canvas Garden Tool Tote is worth a shot.

Burpee Waxed Canvas Heavy-Duty Tote Bag Storage Organizer...
60 Reviews
Burpee Waxed Canvas Heavy-Duty Tote Bag Storage Organizer...
  • DURABLE & WATER RESISTANT: We at Burpee developed this premium canvas bag tool...
  • 8 EXTERIOR TOOL POCKETS: Keep garden tools well organized in eight large 8" deep...

The Best Garden Tool Tote Bag Buying Guide

Materials to last

Every garden tool tote bag is expected to last long. To enhance this durability, the materials must be good enough such as tough nylon and polyester. Some gardening totes demand water resistance which also depends on the quality materials.

Number of Pockets

One of the most important factors is to have more pockets in a gardening tote bag. As the main purpose is to carry the gardening tools in the bag, the pockets must have deeper, wide, and secured. Needs to remember, the pockets, loops, and holes for hanging necessary items.

However, the pockets are necessary because tools need to be organized so that you don’t need to go back to bring the required tools frequently. Not only does this tote bag help to organize the tools but also it helps to keep the gardener safe.


It is kind of obligatory to have reinforcements in every corner and stressed points. Better to know that it helps a tote bag to last more than you expect.

Anyways, reinforcements at all stress points like bar tacks, surging, box, or double stitching will make all the pockets safe from tearing or handles from popping off.

Carrying Straps

It is obvious that people who will buy a tote bag must agree to spend a significant amount of time in their garden. It means you need to carry the best gardening tote on your shoulder or hand. For this reason, you must choose such a toot tote carrier that won’t bother you even if you carry that bag for a long time. You know that sometimes due to bad handles, you may start feeling fatigued.

In this case, a heavy-duty steel handle which is a combination of the well-padded and quality canvas is highly recommended. These carrying straps must be durable as well as comfortable.


Another important focusable point is fasteners. Remember, if the pockets especially exterior pockets are deep enough to hold the tools so that they don’t fall down, you don’t need to fasten the tools with the ropes. But in case, the pockets are not like that you just have to fasten the tools to secure them.

A cord, in this case, is necessary if the pockets are not deep enough. However, instead of cords, you can certainly use clasps, buttons, or zippers. All work the same. Just choose the one you feel comfortable working with.

Easy to Maintenance

Most of the backpacks are washable either by hand or by machine. The garden tool tote is very easy to wash compared to other backpacks like backpacks for electricians, bags for plumbers, school or college students backpacks, kids backpacks, and many more. These garden totes with pockets are not that kind of heavy in weight and have multiple layers.

However, if you carefully use this tool bag for gardening, you can use it for years. Ergonomic and universal design lets you take it everywhere you want.

Do You Really Need A Garden Tool Tote Bag?

We think the answer to this question has been aforementioned multiple times. Nevertheless, we are going to answer again. There are many reasons to have such a nice garden tool bag for gardening.

All the gardening tools like hand gloves, weeder, trowel, transplanter, hand rake, cultivator, and so on can be stored in a tool tote bag. Frequently going back and forth would not only waste your time but also could lose your energy. So it is necessary to have a garden tool tote bag instead of only having an apron.

What Are The Benefits of A Garden Tool Tote Bag?

Well, if you want to point out the benefits of having a gardening tote bag, here they are. Let’s see the best benefits of a tote bag. A garden tool tote bag –

  • Helps to organize the tools neatly
  • Saves time as well as energy
  • Moving tools between areas easily
  • Prevents misplacing or losing tools
  • Can be used as a storage or carrying bag
  • Helps small tools keep in place
  • Works as a versatile bag so that you can take it anywhere

These are not the only ones to mention. There are many others. Once you have a gardening tool tote bag, you yourself will have practical benefits. It’s really a blessing for all of us.

So, Which One Should I pick?

We have narrowed down the 7 best garden tool tote bags for you. To save your valuable time, energy, and labor, these tote bags must help you to pick one. Though all of the above are good to pick, we can recommend 2 of them strongly.

You can check the reviews as well. Practical knowledge and review can motivate you. Amongst the 7, these 2 tote bags are worth a shot. Highly recommended.

Last Words

Everybody especially gardeners wants the best garden tool tote bag for their own benefit. Before buying a garden tote you must follow the buying guide. If you don’t have any time to research which one to pick, you are strongly recommended to pick one from the above.

We do highly recommend buying the tote tool bag physically so that you can understand, touch, and know the details about the bag.

Happy buying!

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