7 Best Wire Cutters for Electricians of 2023

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Wire cutters are the best friends to the electricians and the professional who deals with wire-related jobs. A reliable wire cutter helps you do the work faster, smoother, and in less time. Electricians need different types of wire cutters too. There are many quality wire cutters out there. In this article, we are going to cover the best wire cutters for electricians and DIY projects. A wire cutter is undoubtedly an essential tool and a quality one can minimize the risk who constantly being exposed to electricity. So, let’s discuss some best heavy-duty wire cutters for electricians. If you read this article, choosing the best wire cutters for electricians would save you precious time and energy.

Best Wire Cutters for Electricians Review

We know there are hundreds of brands out there and most of them are quality pliers. But if you are able to pick the right one that matches your criteria, you will be benefitted. This is why we have narrowed down the 7 best wire cutters for electricians here so that you can easily find the best one for you. Let’s get started.

1. Klein Tools 11055 Wire Cutter and Wire Stripper

Klein Tools 11055 Wire Cutter and Wire Stripper

Do you want a tool that can work as a wire cutter and stripper? Well then, Klein Tools 11055 Wire Cutter and Wire Stripper is your solution. You can do your job perfectly with this tool.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Klein Tools
  • Material: Metal
  • Color: Blue/Yellow Handle
  • Item Dimensions: L x W x H (9.13 x 5 x 0.63) inches
  • Handle Material: Plastic

First off, Klein Tools 11055 is one of the best wire cutters for electricians. This Stranded Wire Cutter cuts, strips, and loops 10-18 AWG Solid and 12-20 AWG Stranded wire. It also cleanly shears 6-32 and 8-32 shears.

In addition, this Solid Wire Cutter has precision-ground stripping holes that allow stripping wires whenever you need them. Stripping is clean and smooth.

Moreover, Klein Tool Wire Cutter has a strong-gripping serrated nose that you can use this feature for easy bending, shaping, and pulling of wire easily. The serrated nose is strong and sturdy.

Furthermore, Klein wire stripper has holes that can be used for looping and bending wires. Without a proper stripper, you cannot do such kinds of jobs.

Besides, these shear-type cutting blades are great for clean and smooth cuts. The tool doesn’t leave any strands behind and no marks on the wire either.

Most importantly, the Klein Tools 11055 Wire Cutter and Wire Stripper is made in the USA and you can choose it from the heart.

Apart from this, Klein Tools 11055 has double-dipped comfort grips with curved handles that are really amazing. If the grip is fantastic you can enjoy your work and the job can be done faster and perfectly.

–         Cuts, strips, and loops 10-18 AWG Solid and 12-20 AWG Stranded wire
–         Precision ground stripping holes
–         Strong-gripping serrated nose
–         Holes for looping and bending wire
–         Cleanly shears 6-32 and 8-32 screws
–         Double-dipped comfort grips with curved handles
–         Coil spring provides fast self-opening action
–         Easy-to-read markings
–         Some users complained about Klein Tools 11055 Wire Cutter that the Wire Stripper did not come in Klein packaging
Klein Tools 11055 Wire Cutter and Wire Stripper, Stranded...
7,276 Reviews
Klein Tools 11055 Wire Cutter and Wire Stripper, Stranded...
  • Country of manufacture: United States
  • Manufacturer: Klein Tools

2. IGAN-170 Wire Cutters

IGAN-170 best wire cutters for electricians

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: IGAN
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Item Dimensions: L x W x H: (5.12 x 3.12 x 0.3) inches
  • Color: Red
  • Handle Material: Alloy Steel
  • Item Weight: 0.2 Pounds
  • Usage: Professional

Are you an electrician? Do you need a handy and convenient wire cutter for your task? Well, in that case, IGAN-170 Wire Cutters can be your best shot. This hand tool plier is worth a try. So, the question is why should you choose this one, right?

First off, the IGAN precision wire cutter is a very sharp and strong tool. It has an 11mm long heat-treated carbon steel jaw with an angled head design that can ensure your task is smoother and faster. This product is very strong due to its 2.5 mm thick heat-treated carbon steel.

In addition, these best wire cutters for thick wire are really professional and durable. An 11mm long heat-treated carbon steel jaw with an angled head design is able to cut precisely. If you are wondering for sizes, well, they are perfectly ideal for working in small spaces and are perfect for work with jewelry making and fine mechanics.

Moreover, nonslip handgrips of the best wire cutters for electricians provide comfortable TPE grip. TPE materials are non-toxic and tasteless that are like rubber-like texture. Due to these materials, the production costs rise a bit more and truly the high-quality demands require this.

Furthermore, the IGAN-170 Wire Cutters have the best cutting ability. The materials made of the wire cutter are Plastic Φ3.0mm, Soft wire 16 AWG, Copper wire 14 AWG (Φ1.6mm), Iron wire 16 AWG (Φ1.3mm). These properties are really ideal for cutting small wire, sprue, tie wrap, beading wire, zip ties, plastic, etc. Besides, it can be used to trim small copper, iron, and aluminum.

–         Made of high-quality materials
–         Sharp and strong
–         Professional flush cutting snips
–         Environmentally friendly
–         Comfortable TPE grip
–         Ultra-sharp blade
–         Superb cutting ability
–         Not good for use on steel wire
–         Metal blades bend and dull almost immediately
IGAN-170 Wire Cutters, Precision Electronics Flush Cutter,...
8,760 Reviews
IGAN-170 Wire Cutters, Precision Electronics Flush Cutter,...
  • Sharp and strong: IGAN precision wire cutter has an 11mm long heat-treated...
  • Professional flush cutting snips:Apply to electrical work, jewelry making and...

3. Hakko-CHP-170 Micro Cutter

Hakko-CHP-170 Micro Cutter

If you are really searching for a wire cutter that is small and handy to use, Hakko-CHP-170 Micro Cutter may be the best one. There are some features that can help you convince you to like the product.

First of all, this Flush-cut micro soft-wire cutter has an 8mm long jaw with an angled head. It is usually used for flush-cutting applications on up to 16 gauge (1.3mm) copper and soft wire.

In addition, this best electrician wire cutter is constructed with 2.5mm heat-treated carbon steel that perfectly ensures super durability and long life.

Moreover, the Hakko-CHP-170 Micro Cutter features precision-ground holes and surfaces. However, they provide smooth movement. These best wire cutters for electricians have a spring that returns the tool to an open position to reduce operator fatigue. A very good quality tool.

Furthermore, the Dolphin-style nonslip hand grips provide users sufficient comfort and control. Besides, the Parkerized surfaces prevent glare and increase corrosion resistance.

–         An angled cutting head makes work easier
–         Multi-purpose tool for using it in crimping, modifying, etc.
–         Can easily access in tight spaces
–         Heat-primed carbon material
–         Spring mechanism
–         Easy and comfy to grip
–         Marked with parkerized metal
–         Lacks locking features
Hakko-CHP-170 Micro Cutter - Red
21,077 Reviews
Hakko-CHP-170 Micro Cutter - Red
  • Flush-cut micro soft-wire cutter has 8mm long jaw with angled head for...
  • 21-degree

4. IRWIN VISE-GRIP Diagonal Cutting Pliers

IRWIN VISE-GRIP Diagonal Cutting Pliers

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: IRWIN
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Item Dimensions: L x W x H – (9 x 2.9 x 0.8) inches
  • Color: Standard
  • Handle Material: Alloy Steel
  • Item Weight: 0.05 Pounds

You can like this product for its amazing features. Once you see the features you may convert to a user. Let’s see those features.

First of all, IRWIN VISE-GRIP is one of the best diagonal cutting pliers for completing your jobs. This is a 6-Inch tool that is really handy and easy to use.

In addition, this wire cutter tool is constructed with durable nickel chromium steel that ensures durability. You can use this tool for a long time.

Moreover, what is essential to work smoothly and comfortably is pro-touch grips because they can provide you extra comfort and at the same time reduces hand fatigue. Comfortable gripping is important.

Furthermore, the blades stay sharper due to their induction hardened cutting edge. Besides, the machine jaws are for maximum gripping strength.

–         Nickel chromium steel construction
–         Pro-Touch grips
–         Reduces hand fatigue
–         Induction hardened cutting edge
–         Machined jaws
–         Meets ANSI specifications
–         Cutting edges sometimes are misaligned
–         The product is small
IRWIN VISE-GRIP Diagonal Cutting Pliers, 6-Inch (2078306)
10,329 Reviews
IRWIN VISE-GRIP Diagonal Cutting Pliers, 6-Inch (2078306)
  • Durable nickel chromium steel construction
  • ProTouch grips provide extra comfort and reduces hand fatigue

5. BLEDS Wire Cutter

BLEDS best wire cutters for electricians

Need any professional and easy-to-use wire flush cutters for your job? Well, a BLEDS wire cutter would be the best choice for you. So, let’s see the reason why should you choose the cutter.

First of all, the BLEDS Wire Cutter is a professional flush cutter. It is made of high-quality carbon steel and due to it, the wire cutter is solid and durable. Besides, the edge is specially hardened with high-frequency heat treatment the makes the edge smooth, sharp, and durable.

In addition, this micro cutter flush features an anti-slip handle with an open spring. The spring allows the side cutter to operate easily. The insulated handle is comfortable to handle as well. The non-slip handle is equipped with a spring and is easy to use.

Moreover, this hand tool wire cutter is used for many applications. You can apply it to electrical work, jewelry making, and daily use as well. Besides, this tool is very suitable for shearing copper and soft wire up to 18 AWG (1 mm). 

Furthermore, this professional flush cutter has a compact design. You can easily access any small space due to its size.

Apart from this, you will have an after-sales service. This tool comes with “3-Months Warranty” and ” 45-Day Refund Guaranty”. So, you can buy this wire cutter with confidence.

And truly, these best wire cutters for fencing are suitable for cutting small wires, straps, bead wires, cable ties, plastics, etc. You can rely on this tool.

–         Quality and professional wire cutter
–         Anti-slip handle with open spring
–         Ideal for different applications
–         Compact design
–         After-sales service
–         A perfect gift for electricians
–         Not suitable for cutting hard or large-sized wires
Flush Cutter, Wire Cutters, BS-8109 Soft Wire Cutter Pliers...
2,199 Reviews
Flush Cutter, Wire Cutters, BS-8109 Soft Wire Cutter Pliers...
  • ✅【 Anti-Slip Handle 】- The precision side cutter is easy to operate, the...
  • ✅ 【Professional Flush Cutter 】 - Wire cutters are made of high-quality...

6. BOENFU Wire Cutter

BOENFU Wire Cutter

If you have an electrical-related job, you must need a flush cutter that can perform some heavy-duty jobs. In this case, we can recommend you to have BOENFU Wire Cutter that can fulfill your expectations.

Firstly, this BOENFU Wire Cutter is very sharp to cut materials. The flush cutter pliers feature an improved knife design that can easily snip wire up to 10AWG / (Φ2.5mm).

Secondly, this ultra-sharp wire cutter produces a flat, flush, and clean-cut. This is why, this cutter is ideal for crafting, electrical wire, artificial flowers, zip ties, plastic, etc.

Thirdly, the high hardness CR-V of this tool makes it so effective and useful. It is forged from chrome vanadium tool steel. The blades are heat-treated for increased durability, high hardness, and sturdiness.

Fourthly, this flush cutter is spring-loaded. The steel return spring is for increased comfort during repetitive cutting. This precision electronic diagonal cutter is great that the wire snips are automatic reset, easy to open and close, fast, and more efficient.

Fifthly, these best wire cutters for electricians have an ergonomic and anti-slip handle that is designed to provide a comfortable grip to protect your arm. However, it also can save time and reduce fatigue while working. This heavy-duty flush cutter is good for floral, jewelry, craft cutters, filament clippers, and so on.

–         Ultra-sharp wire cutters
–         Provides a flat, flush, and clean cut
–         High hardness CR-V
–         Steel return spring for increased comfort
–         Ergonomic anti-slip handle
–         Ideal for electrical jobs
–         Not good for use on steel wire
BOENFU Crafts Wire Cutters 6-in, Wire Flush Cutters with...
6,985 Reviews
BOENFU Crafts Wire Cutters 6-in, Wire Flush Cutters with...
  • This wire cutter is equipped with sharp blades that can snip wires up to 12 AWG...
  • It has a 21-degree angled head design that makes it easier to access confined...

7. Muzata Cable Cutter

Muzata best wire cutters for electricians

There are a lot of wire cutter brands out in the market but all of them are not great. Muzata Cable Cutter is one of the perfect quality wire cutters to provide the best features for your job. This one is worth a try. Let’s see the features.

First of all, while most of the cable cutters are not perfect for cutting stainless steel, this one is the best for it. Truthfully, this cable cutter is excellent in cutting up to 5/32″ cable of all kinds. That is why this wire cutter is widely used both in industrial and home applications. The common applications are cable railing, fencing, bike brakes, and other DIY projects.

In addition, the Muzata Cable Cutter is quite sharp and durable due to its construction materials. This is made of Chrome Vanadium (CR-V) steel and has been hardened by high-frequency quenching. The best part is this steel wire cable cutter can make exact and clean cuts without fraying or smashing the cable ends.

Moreover, this heavy-duty stainless steel Muzata Cable Cutter features a safety lock that prevents accidental opens and cuts that might hurt you. It is really necessary to keep one safe from being wounded.

Furthermore, if you want to use it by one hand, this hand tool is great for one-hand operation and lightweight making it easy to use and carry.

Apart from this, this tool is friendly to any electrician as well as a DIY project manager. The manufacturers provide you with after-sales service too.  You can try it. Highly recommended.

–         Made of Chrome Vanadium (CR-V) steel
–         Very clean and exact cuts without fraying
–         Safety lock
–         One-hand operation
–         Comfortable grips
–         Lightweight and durable
–         After-sales service available
–         Needs strength to cut steel wire
Muzata Cable Cutter Wire Rope Heavy Duty Stainless Steel...
2,565 Reviews
Muzata Cable Cutter Wire Rope Heavy Duty Stainless Steel...
  • High Quality Cable Cutter - This cable cutter works excellent in cutting up to...
  • Clean Cut - The blade of this wire rope cutter is quite sharp and durable since...

What to Look for When Buying Wire Cutters

There are some essential factors that you cannot overlook anyhow when you are going to buy a wire cutter for yourself. These are really considerable aspects to count on if you lack sufficient knowledge or experience.


What comes first to consider while buying a wire cutter is the quality of the product. What is a product made of is a matter of concern. So, you better make sure, what is the product made of? Wire Cutters made of the most refined metal alloys are such as elite fence cutters, steel wire cutters, and other large wire cutters. They are durable enough for rugged use.

However, some special alloys include carbon steel, vanadium, and chromium. Besides, some brands treat materials by heat with additional substances that can make the products resistant to rusting and corrosion.


If a cutter serves only one purpose like cutting simple materials should not consider buying. You should look for them that the wire cutters feature with a serrated jaw that can also meticulously remove wire insulation directly. So, a multipurpose wire cutter would be great for you.


Safety is what concerns more about a wire cutter during operations. This is why a quality flush cutter is always great and secure to use. We recommend one of our chosen ones that we described above. A well-known and reputed brand ensures your best features with top-notch quality.

Anyways, if you are an electrician, you need to pick the best wire cutters for electricians such as an insulated wire cutter. A quality and reliable insulated wire cutter can make you confident to work perfectly without fear of getting electrocuted.

Besides, if you have anything more such as a safety mechanism in your mind, it’s good. The locks, latches, straps, and blades are also considerable factors too. These can securely protect not only yourself but also your tools and overall working spaces.


If you don’t find any comfort using your tool, you might not like that one. This is why a wire cutter must be comfortable for users and you can work for an hour at a stretch. So, before proceeding with your purchase, you should make sure of it. Besides, if you can answer some questions, you can understand whether it is okay or not.

  • Is the wire cutter proportionally sized with your hand?
  • Do you feel comfortable when you hold it?
  • Are you good with the weight of the product?
  • Does it feel premium?
  • Is it made with high-quality gripping handle substances?

It is told, comfort is king. A quality wire cutter never allows your hands to cramp while using wire shears on the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the different types of wire cutters?

Wire cutters can be different types and a user picks the one they need. Proficient mechanics and Electricians use different types of wire cutters according to their needs. If you go to the market you can find different types of wire cutters such as side cutters, cable cutters, flush cutters, end cutters, diagonal cutters, bolt cutters, hydraulic cutters, and others.

2. How does wire cutter work?

There are different types of wire cutters in the market. A wire cutter is constructed as a scissor does. There are two blades that are fixed by a rivet. So, it is a lubricated pivot mechanism. Pressuring the handles can perform the job. An electrician may primarily use a wire cutter for scrimping and removing insulation from wires. If you want to cut wire, set the wire into the two blades of the cutter, and simply squeeze the handles which effectively snips the cable.

3. Can wire cutters cut through metal or stainless steel?

Yes, some specific models can cut hard metal cable and stainless steel cable. They can cut hard metals because they are designed for that.
Believe me, all the wire cutters are not great for cutting stainless steel and a metal cable. For example, Muzata Cable Cutter is one of the best wire cutters. You can make a fresh, smooth, and clean-cut of stainless steel or metal with this. It won’t be a problem.
Most cutters are used for floral, jewelry, craft cutters, filament clippers, and other types of jobs. So, it is better if you pick a better wire cutter for your specific job.

4. How do you cut the heavy-duty wire?

It is true that cutting heavy-duty wires can be really challenging and difficult. But yes, a wise pick of the cutters can save the day. However, we highly recommend you choose the best one from the wide selection of heavy-duty wire cutters to make this arduous task easier.
You can follow some tips so that you can safely cut heavy-duty wires.
Wear eye protection preferably a pair of safety goggles
Identify and maintain the angle to line the wire along the cutter’s edge
Oil or grease the tool and clean it off perfectly to expect the tool to smoothly
Firmly hold the handles and put pressure on them to snip the wire
Don’t put the wire cutter directly under the sun for a long time because it may damage the temper of the cutters
These simple tricks can help you safely do the work. If you are not cautious enough, there can be accidents and you cannot avoid them. So, be careful when you are dealing with these types of stuff.

5. Can you cut wire without wire cutters?

Yes, you can cut wire without wire cutters because there are a lot of ways to cut wire. But if you want to have an effective and clean cut without fraying, a quality wire cutter can do the best. This is why, we recommend you to purchase the best and most appropriate wire cutter for your use whether it be for your home, work, or hobbies according to your need.

6. Where can I buy the best wire cutters from?

You can buy a wire cutter from any hardware shop near your residence. Besides, if you want to buy it from an online marketplace, search writing wire cutters home depot, wire cutters amazon, wire cutters at Ace Hardware, or wire cutters at Lowe’s. We recommend Amazon because they sometimes give some discounts to their customers.

Final Words

You may be well aware that there is a wide assortment of the best wire cutters for electricians in the market. In this article, we have tried to narrow down the 7 best wire cutters for electricians so that you can find the best one for you. It will save your time and energy as well. The best heavy-duty steel wire cutters we have discussed are well constructive, reasonable in price, and the best quality tools.

If you still have anything to ask about different types of wire cutters or about the best electrician wire cutters, you can reach out to us.

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