Types of CV Boot Clamps

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The wheels of the vehicles keep rotating because of the CV joint which is under the protection of the CV boots. There are different types of CV boot clamps in the market and you need to pick the one you need. To do this type of work you may need cv boot clamp pliers. The best cv boot clamp helps cv boots to keep in the right truck in order to oscillate while the vehicle is running.

Different Types of CV Boot Clamps

To rotate the wheels of your vehicle, you need cv boot clamps. CV boot replacing is required in case you fail to keep the cv joint clean and safe. We know there are different types of cv boot clamps. According to your requirement, you need to choose the right one. In this article, we will know some types of cv boot clamps and their uses. We will also show them with images so that you can easily understand. In addition, the price will be included too in order to have a clear view. Well then, let’s know the different types of CV boot clamps now.

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Types of CV Boot Clamps Review

To keep running the wheels of your vehicles cv boot clamps play a vital role. If you know the types of cv boot clamps, it would be your additional advantage to pick the right one for you. So, let’s see some cv boot clamps.

1. MIKKUPPA CV Boot Clamps

types of cv boot clamps MIKKUPPA CV Boot Clamps

If you want a quality Axle joint boot band kit, MIKKUPPA CV Boot Clamps is the best one. There are many features that you may like.

MIKKUPPA CV Boot Clamps are truly dependable and safe Vehicles related parts because they are tested, used, and inspect carefully before selling them. The quality proves the effort and it never disappoints a user.

This is a type of Drive Shaft Inner Axle joint Boot Band Kit. You have to choose according to your requirement depending on the size of the wheels of your vehicle.

Besides, there are 1″-1.85″ x 6pcs small cv boot clamps and 3″-5″ x 6pcs cv boot clamps found in the store. It helps to find any size of boot clamp for your vehicle.

Moreover, the cv boot clamps are supposed to be anti-rustic so that it doesn’t form any rust during a lot of rainfall or snow. You would be happy to know that the metal is also resistant to rust.

–         Adjustable universal CV Boot Clamp
–         Can handle temperature over 2500° F
–         Tensile Strength is 100 lb.
–         Single ear model
–         Weight is 0.08kg
–         No product warranty

2. NICECNC Universal CV Joint Boot Clamp Kit

NICECNC Universal CV Joint Boot Clamp Kit

One of the best adjustable drive shaft axle cv joint boot clamps is NICECNC Universal CV Joint Boot Clamp Kit. This boot crimp cramp is a highly durable product to ensure your vehicle’s safety.

You will love this CV Joint Boot Clamp Kit because it is manufactured professionally and a perfect as well as an easy replacement for your old one.

Besides, the CV Joint Boot Clamp Kit is sold brand new, in good working condition.

Moreover, unlike other boot clamps, this NICECNC Universal CV Joint Boot Clamp Kit is very easy to install.

Speaking of building material, this adjustable drive shaft axle cv joint boot clamp kit is made of high-quality non-magnetic stainless steel to ensure the best durability and security.

Furthermore, you can place this cv boot clamp anywhere like left, right, front, or rear. Just know more about it.

–         Made of high-quality materials
–         Professional manufacturing
–         Easy installation
–         Durable and secured
–         Adjustable drive shaft axle
–         Non-magnetic stainless steel
–         Clamps are fairly thin

3. Muzzys CV Axle Repair Clamps Kit

Muzzys CV Axle Repair Clamps Kit

Muzzys CV Axle Repair Clamps Kit is one of the best boot clamps for your vehicle. Muzzys set of eight clamps. They are easy to install or replace all the clamps on all four boots on your front CV axles. Muzzys CV Axle fits all Tacomas, FJs, and 4Runners.

In addition, these stainless steel clamps bands are smooth with zinc plated screws. The large clamps range from 3.53″-4.33″, Small Clamp Range: 0.98″-1.57″, Clamp band width 0.35″.

Don’t worry about thinking about how to replace your old clamps. To do this, clean up the grease, and put the new clamps on. Good as new. No need to spend a fortune on new CV axles.

–         High-quality materials
–         Easy replacement
–         Different sizes
–         Never cut into boots
–         Corrosion and rust-free
–         May not fit Tundra
–         No warranty

4. Dorman CV Joint Boot Clamp Kit

types of cv boot clamps -Dorman CV Joint Boot Clamp Kit

Dorman CV Joint Boot Clamp Kit is made of stainless steel with dimensions of 8.25 x 5.5 x 0.37 inches. It is very lightweight as well being weight 0.04 Pounds.

The stainless steel design is for the best quality and long-lasting durability. You can even find a variety of sizes.

Besides, Dorman CV Joint Boot Clamp Kit has diverse locking styles available. However, they are conveniently packaged in different assortments and quantities to ensure fit.

–         Made of high-quality materials
–         Durable and lightweight
–         Easy installable
–         Diverse locking styles
–         Conveniently packaged
–         Different sizes to ensure fit
–         Sometimes it breaks easily


5. CTA Tools CV Joint Boot Clamp Set

CTA Tools CV Joint Boot Clamp Set

If you want a reliable, strong, and durable cv boot clamp, the CTA Tools CV Joint Boot Clamp Set is the best for you. These are made of stainless steel that ensures durability.

CTA Tools CV Joint Boot Clamp Set is a professional-grade tool that makes the performance of the wheel outstanding.

Besides, the heavy-duty design of the joint boot clamp set is amazing. It is easy to replace the existing one.

However, CTA offers the widest range of professional automotive specialty tools in the market.

They provide different sizes of tools so that for different brands of vehicles such as BMW E46 M3 or removing one-off wheels on a Lamborghini Huracan, the CTA Tools CV Joint Boot Clamp Set is perfect for you.

–         Professional-grade tool
–         Strong and sturdy
–         Easy installable
–         Heavy-duty design
–         Compatible with many vehicles
–         Some users say, “these are very thin and poor quality”

6. TJ Longda CV Joint Boot Clamps

TJ Longda CV Joint Boot Clamps

The TJ Longda CV Joint Boot Clamps are made of stainless steel which ensures durability and quality product. If you want a good cv joint boot clamp, this one is worth a shot.

These types of cv boot clamps are adjustable and provide velocity, strength, and durability.

TJ Longda CV Joint Boot Clamps have a lock system that is so easy to install. You can use for all ear-type clamps to fasten.

TJ Longda CV Joint Boot Clamps won’t disappoint you anyhow. You can rely on it.

–         High-quality materials
–         Adjustable and durable
–         Locking system
–         Easy installing process
–         Adjust axle driveshaft
–         Crimps do not hold due to thin metal

Types of CV Boot Clamps Buying Guide

As boot clamps are one of the most important components for your vehicles, ones should choose the tool carefully. So, if you want to buy cv boot clamps, reading this buying guide will help you most to buy a good one. Or else, if you are a newbie, you need knowledge and experience to buy a new tool. So, what are those features that you need to follow while buying the cv boot clamps? Let’s know it. Here are some buying guide points.

Product’s Quality

What you need to focus on first is the quality of the product. If the product is made of high quality, it will last for a longer time. Besides, the reliability and the durability of the CV boot clamps play an important role in a product. Once you can make sure that the product is of good quality, you passed the first factor. Let’s go to the next factor we need to concern about.


The size of the cv boot clamp is important too. If you don’t buy the right size, the money can be wasted. This is why you have to be very sincere about the size of the wheel of the vehicle because once bought cannot be returned the product would be your great loss. So, be careful about the size when you are going to buy one.


The application of CV boot clamps also plays an important role. If you are a professional you will understand which vehicle you are going to use it in. besides, a good cv boot clamp can run for a longer time without facing issues or need for replacement.


The installation system in terms of different vehicles is different. For example, in the case of a commercial vehicle or a heavy-duty one, the installation of the CV boot clamps would be different from each other. But bear in mind, the right one can be very easy for you to install. So, choose the best one wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions (Different Types of CV Boot Clamps)

1. Can I reuse the best CV boot clamps?

Yes, you can simply reuse the cv boot clamps. But remember if you are not a professional mechanic, you cannot just take the tools from the kit box and replace them. You are highly suggested that you should check its condition. Diagnosing if you think it is still reusable, you can reuse it.

2. Can we just replace the CV boots?

Yes, you can. You can replace the cv boots only. In this case, professionals recommend checking the CV joints first before changing them. If they really need to replace the cv boots, you should do that to avoid any accidents.

3. What happens if the CV boot leaks?

With time the CV boot gets in touch with contaminants and it starts to tear up. This happens because the grease starts to spill out of it onto the wheels. Besides, if the boot is broken, it allows dust, debris, and moisture to reach the joints. This is how the CV boot leaking problem can become a serious problem as it can potentially damage the joint which may cause accidents.

4. What is a CV boot clip?

A cv boot clip is a structure that is made of stainless steel. It secures the boots. Moreover, a cv boot clip protects the CV joint from impurities like dust, debris, and moisture in order to run the vehicle smoothly retaining the lubricants.

Last Words

Users need different types of cv boot clamps for their vehicles and other purposes. We have tried to show the types of cv boot clamps bringing the product from Amazon so that you can understand and can have a clear conception. Later on, we will try to cover types of woodworking clamps, types of cv boot clamps, all types of hose clamps, types of clamps woodworking, types of metal clamps, types of exhausted clamps, types of automotive hose clamps, types of quick acting clamps, and other articles related to them. If you have any questions, you know how to reach out to us. Thank you.

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