Best CV Boot Clamp Tools [Reviews 2023]

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If you are dealing with high-strength stainless steel boot clamps, you must require the best cv boot clamp tools for it. Without proper tools, these types of jobs cannot be done manually. There are many types of cv boot clamps on the market and if you want to fit them properly, cv boot clamp tools are a must. For strong parts, a higher compression force is required to be correctly fitted. In most cases, a 3/8″ torque drive is perfect for precision hose tightening and other such tasks potentially. So, for cv boot clamps, the cv boot clamp tools are needed. Now let’s know more about what the best cv boot clamp tools are.

The CV boot clamp pliers are torque drives that are effectively useful for VW Group, Vauxhall, Opel, Ford, and others. They are usually designed to fasten high-strength clamps that necessarily need a higher compression force to be correctly fitted.

The Best CV Boot Clamp Tools Reviews

As there are a lot of quality tools and brands in the market, it is really tough to find them to choose one. This is why we have done your part here by choosing some best cv boot clamp tools so that you don’t need to waste your time and energy. However, if you don’t like any of our chosen clamp tools, you are welcome to search more pages for your expected one. Now let’s see the reviews.

1. KNIPEX – 10 99 i220 Tools – Ear Clamp Pliers

KNIPEX best cv boot clamp tools

A quality tool can provide you with premium comfort. It not only gives you comfort but also potentially saves time and energy. Knipex Tools 10 99 i220 8.75″ Ear Clamp Pliers are tools that can help you get the job done quickly and properly. The features can motivate you more.

First of all, Knipex ear clamp pliers would be very suitable for simple and reliable clamping of 1-ear and 2-ear clamps. They can work effectively for it. The innovative design makes its head slim and allows good accessibility in confined areas. Besides, Knipex Ear Clamp Pliers tend not to damage the press points on the ear clamps.

In addition, due to high-quality materials, these pliers are durable and reliable. You should know these tools are crafted from high-grade special German tool steel. So, this is a German-made tool. The Knipex Ear Clamp Pliers are forged and oil-hardened.

Moreover, there are usually two types of Knipex ear clamp pliers available in the market. They are in either front jaw or front and side jaw models. Pick the best one and the one you require for your job.

Furthermore, let’s talk about the tool’s materials. The steel Knipex, with a maximum of 0.8 percent carbon and defined parts of chromium and vanadium, is precisely hardened in order to get the optimum cutting performance and service life.

Apart from this, the Knipex 10 99 i220 8.75″ Ear Clamp Pliers also closely look at the small details such as the angles, the sharpness, the hardness, the toughness of the cutting edges, etc. most importantly, the knipex’s precision and smooth movement of the joint is impeccable. This tool is really great for clamps on CV boots, coolant and fuel lines, air pressure systems, compressors, and others.

–         Made of high-quality metals
–         Precision grade performance tools
–         Durable and comfortable
–         Innovative and quality assured design
–         Ergonomic and handy
–         Forged and oil-hardened
–         Non-slip grip handles
–         Some users complain that the ads and the real product are not the same

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2. Alpha Rider Auto CV Joint Banding Boot Axle Clamp Tool

Alpha Rider Auto CV Joint Banding Boot Axle Clamp Tool

If you want a good quality boot axle clamp tool, the Alpha Rider Auto CV Joint Banding Boot Axle Clamp Tool would be the best choice for you. This tool has many amazing features and this is why you must choose this one.

First off, this ATV CV Joint Banding Boot Axle Clamp Tool comes with 20 Band Clamps that can fit any of your required ones. Due to the different sizes of band clamps you can easily choose the right one and save your time.

In addition, the 20 PCS CV Joint Boot Clamp Set includes 10 X small clamps (9.8 inches) and 10 X large clamps (19.7 inches). They are made of stainless steel which ensures durability and toughness. With this, you can lock items very firmly.

Wondering how to lock them. Well, the bands have teeth and the locking teeth stop the tie at the desired length. The more you pull it, the tighter it gets. However, if you need to cut off the excess, you must have to use the CV Boot Joint Ear Clamp Banding Tool to do so.

Moreover, this set of CV Joint Ear Clamp Banding Tool is thoughtfully and newly designed to make it work efficiently. It plays the main role by tightening and cutting straps quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, this set of CV Joint Banding Boot Plier Tool is made of high-quality stainless steel that ensures corrosion resistance, oil-resistant, high temperature resistant, and long-lasting. Honestly, the plier’s head is hardened and treated for higher hardness.

Apart from this, they are equipped with ergonomically designed non-slip insulated handles. It allows you to get the job done comfortably and efficiently.

–         Made of high-quality stainless steel
–         Resistant to oxidation and UV rays
–         Ergonomically designed
–         Non-slip insulated handles
–         Very strong locking of items
–         Available in two lengths
–        Good for use in harsh outdoor environments-        
–         May not effectively grip the clamps

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3. OTC 4724 Stinger Ear-Type CV Boot Clamp Plier

OTC best cv boot clamp tools

A mechanic or a professional needs different types of cv boot clamp pliers. Some of the pliers are ear-type cv boot clamp plier that is essential to tighten the clamp around the boot. You will love this one if you need an ear-type clamp plier. This OTC 4724 Stinger Ear-Type CV Boot Clamp Plier offers you some amazing features.

This tool can be perfect to install the big clamp of your inboard cv joint. In addition, it will effectively do the work. However, if you want to replace the boot on RZR c-v joint, it would the best one.

Moreover, if you need the Oetiker low-profile clamps, this tool will help you out. You can also use them to remove the clamps but, to be honest, it can be a little tricky to do without destroying the clamp if you don’t apply some simple techniques. However, you can replace the clamp if it is really feasible enough.

So, where can you use the tools? Well, this tool is good for –

  • Automotive specialty tools
  • Heavy-duty truck service tools
  • Motorcycle tools
  • Heavy-duty shop tools
  • Electronic diagnostic tools
  • And many more

Most importantly, the OTC 4724 Stinger Ear-Type CV Boot Clamp Plier can grip clamp in many positions to tighten the clamp around the boot. So you can pick this tool for your job.

–         Made of quality materials
–         Ergonomic design and handy
–         Durable and comfortable
–         Easy to handle
–         Good grip-handle
–         If you can’t use it properly it may damage the band

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4. Lisle 30600 Offset Boot Clamp Plier

Lisle best cv boot clamp tools

Lisle 30600 Offset Boot Clamp Plier is an excellent tool for crimping the bellows boot clamps on a rack and pinion steering gear. Some people say, this tool has gorilla strength. Why should you choose this one?

Well, Lisle 30600 Offset Boot Clamp Plier is such kind of tool that can do the job in the limited space where most tools can’t. You can get enough crimp even it is not convenient, but this tool takes all the work out of it and in seconds you will be done. It is really awesome.

In addition, with the weight of 0.35 Pounds, you can easily handle and move the tool any position you want. The dimensions of the tool are 12.5 x 5.2 x 1 – L x W x H inches. It is a very convenient tool to get the job done.

Moreover, Lisle 30600 Offset Boot Clamp Plier has been designed to work in confined spaces. Crimps ear-type clamps are good to go in hard-to-reach areas.

Well, if you are intending to do CV axle boots with this tool, you are probably going with the wrong tool. This Lisle Offset Boot Clamp Plier is meant more for inner tie rod bellows. CV axles often give you a torque spec or ear measurement specs. But this one has no provisions for torque specs.

–         Good quality tool
–         Designed to work in confined spaces
–         Reaches hard-to-reach areas
–         Easy to use
–         Handy and comfortable
–         Useful and effective
–         Sometimes it is too hard to compress and the handles may bend before the clamp is compressed

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5. UTSAUTO CV Boot Clamp and Ear Clamp Banding Tool

UTSAUTO CV Boot Clamp and Ear Clamp Banding Tool

A perfect CV joint banding tool can be a big help for your vehicle. To do fast tensioning and securing of CV joint boot banding strap, a cv boot clamp and ear clamp banding tool is required. In this case, you can trust UTSAUTO CV Boot Clamp and Ear Clamp Banding Tool. You must have reasons why you would like this tool.

The UTSAUTO CV Boot Clamp is made of high-quality steel that can help you install the CV joint boot easily.

In addition, wondering how to put cv boot clamps on? Or how to clamp a cv boot?

Well, it is a clamp free end of 3/8″ or 1/4″ reel of strap around boot. Thread strap through clevis head and reel mandrel slot. Then, placing 1/2″ ratchet on reel just bend back of strap on boot and clip on to apply tension and cut off.

Now, you are to fold remaining strap end into clip and tap down on clip ears to secure. Finally, check and make sure to double wrap for added strength.

Moreover, this tool is equipped with a “straight” crimping clamp at the end. Know that, this UTSAUTO CV Boot Clamp and Ear Clamp Banding Tool crimps the clamp lugs to greatly prevent leakage.

So, where can you put cv boot clamps on? Well, it is great to let you know that these cv boot clamp tools for ear-type clamp crimping or removal on for Audi, VW, BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Mazda Vehicles. They can also be used for securing ATV UTV boot clamps.

–         Made of high-quality materials
–         Easy and comfortable
–         Ergonomic design
–         Good for different models of vehicles
–         Can be used for securing ATV UTV boot clamps
–         Fast tensioning and securing of CV joint boot banding strap
–         The ear pliers doesn’t bite the clamp as it should

The advice for improving this tool is it needs bending the clamp for the good bite.

No products found.

Buying Guide for the Best CV Boot Clamp Tools

Before buying cv boot clamp tools, you must need to follow some guide to buy the right tool so that you don’t have to regret later. Let’s get those factors quickly.

Quality of the Product

What you make sure of the product before purchasing is its quality. What is it made of and what are the materials? Because the quality will bring the reliability and durability of the product. So, focus on it.


After ensuring quality, make sure that you are picking the right size tool. Size of a tool is very important because if the size is not perfect, the fitting must not be perfect. It can bend or break soon.


Installation can vary depending on different vehicles. However, choosing the right tool can make this part easier too. Always keep in mind, the chosen clamp is suitable for installation on the front, rear, right, and left wheels of the vehicle you have. Anyways, if you want it for a specific one, keep that in mind too while buying because you have to choose the design accordingly.

Final Words

If you have read the best cv boot clamp tools, you might have already known some of the best clamp tools for your vehicles. Just choosing the best cv boot clamp tools is not enough, you need to know how to put cv boot clamps on. If you don’t know how to clamp a cv boot, even a quality boot clamp tool is valueless. You can find anywhere if you search “cv boot clamp near me”. Besides these, know more about types of cv boot clamps, all types of hose clamps, types of clamps woodworking, types of metal clamps, types of exhausted clamps, types of automotive hose clamps, types of quick acting clamps, and so on. We will try to cover all of them later on. Stay with us.

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